– Why a Kidney Stent is Worth Discussing?


Kidney Stent
Kidney Stent

An order for a kidney stent could mean a variety of things. If your doctor decides to order one on you, you have all the right in the world to shoot him questions even if it will take much of his time. If he finds it rather taxing to elaborate on the minor details that he thinks isn’t necessary to discuss, you can go on your own and do your own research. There are articles online that will clearly explain some of the things your doctor failed to elucidate regarding the application of a kidney stent. This article will provide you with several facts that you might want to know about a kidney stent.

The Kidney Stent Facts:

○ A stent is ordered by your doctor to facilitate the passage of your urine flow. The cause for the obstruction will vary from one patient to another. Some may be due to several kidney stones; some are caused by tumors, blood clots and other forms of infection.

○ A kidney stent is a thin, hollow and flexible tube that is inserted by your doctor into the kidney to help treat the impeded urine flow. The treatment usually lasts briefly with the maximum duration of six weeks. In some cases, it could go beyond this maximum length of time. This decision will depend on your urologist and one must also take into account the condition of the patient.

○ A person who has a longstanding kidney stent may experience a couple of discomforting symptoms. A urinary tract infection is a common problem among patients who have stents. The symptoms that manifest will eventually subside as soon as the stent is removed.


The information that has just been present is all about the essentials of having a kidney stent. However, although the information given is all true, crucial questions must be asked to your urologist if you do have any. As a recapitulation, a stent is ordered for patients who have problems passing urine from the kidney to the bladder. Whatever the obstruction may be, a stent will be ordered to provide transient relief.

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