– How Does A Kidney Stent Interfere With Your Lifestyle?

If you are using a kidney stent you can still move on with your normal activities without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. You can still go to work and carry out your physical activities like exercising and playing sports. However, due to the placement of a foreign object in your body you might experience certain side effects periodically which can influence your daily activities once in a while.

If you are undergoing or are already using a kidney stent, you must remember that it is a temporary change and the stent will be removed in a few days, weeks or months time. Although a general feeling of tiredness and discomfort might cause a decrease in your normal performance level, it is a wise decision to take things a bit easy during the duration of the kidney stent placement. Here are some of the changes that can occur in your normal lifestyle after using a kidney stent.

Work – The kind of impact on your job mainly depends upon the nature of your work and the amount of physical activity it involves. If you have a desk job then using a kidney stent might not affect your work in any way at all. On the other hand if your work requires you to be out on field jobs or uses a lot of manual and intense labor it is better is make your employers aware of your medical situation so that your profile can be altered or toned down for a short time period.

Well Being – Side effects like a feeling of discomfort and periodic pain in the lower abdominal area can cause a slump in your feelings of well being. It is important to take good care of your body and mind when you are using a stent. Staying positive and asking for the support of your family and friends can really help you in dealing with your condition in an optimistic way.

Physical Activity – Having a ureteral stent does not make you immobile in any way. It is completely fine to carry on with physical activities and sports as long as they are moderate in intensity. Your sexual life will also not get affected due to this placement but you might experience some amount of discomfort.

Travel – It is completely safe to travel but you might need the care of a doctor if a complication arises so it is best to be prepared beforehand. Also, due to the increased frequency of urination make sure that you have access to restrooms while you are travelling.

Social Life – Your social life will also not be greatly affected by the use of a kidney stent. You can continue to go out with your family and friends and attend social events as long as the activities are not too physically strenuous. You might not be able to enjoy your social interactions as much as you usually do due to the feelings of discomfort or pain but continuing with your normal social life will help you cope with your condition in a much better way.

Making a few adjustments to your lifestyle will not only help you to lead a more comfortable life, but also hasten the healing process and help remove the renal disorder from your body for which you are using the kidney stent in the first place!

Summary – Using a kidney stent allows you to carry on with almost all of your daily activities normally. Practicing moderation in physical activities, maintaining a positive outlook towards your condition and encouraging support from your family, friends and colleagues are some of the ways by which you can negate any side effects and follow a healthy lifestyle.